An incurable wanderlust combined with a personal drive to make a difference where I can. I have been fortunate to meet countless people and joined awe inspiring projects all over the world, initially as a photographer.

Somewhere along the way, focus shifted from being the photographer to more hands on work with the animals and this has taken me on a long and forever expanding journey and now the focus is to share my knowledge and passion with the world, combining the skill set I have aquired in this school of life.

Rescuing and caring for injured animals is not an easy task with mainly cute baby animals, it's hard work with numerous emotions, especially since a large portion of the wildlife is caused directly and indirectly by actions of the human race.

The main focus of my work is the education and knowledge that injuries can be avoided with some minor adjustments to our behavior in nature.

One Mans Trash

Founded in April 2020 during the hard lockdown where recycling was not possible and jobs were not possible.

Anything that could be recycled into something useful and beautiful instead of throwing it away would be given a second life or at least attempt to make something.

The beautiful colors of the aluminum coffee capsules ignited the idea to make make decorative ornaments.

One project led to the next and the unique jewellery and sculptures are the result of long days.

Today I use mainly the coffee pods but will use other materials occasionally and even though the world has opened up long ago, I am still enjoying the creative lifestyle.


By purchasing one of these unique items you not only support a small independent business market, you also support the environment and promote recycling.

I do custom orders so feel free to contact me for further info.